Searching Tips

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Free-type Searching

2 Keywords (such as: Timbers Goal) will return results where the words Timbers AND Goal appear in the metadata

3+ Keywords (such as Timbers Rapids Goal) will return results where:
  • - the words Timbers AND Rapids AND Goal appear in the metadata and
  • - any other combination of multiple terms (e.g. Timbers AND Goal, Goal AND Rapids, Timbers & Rapids).
To force searching to include all keywords, you should type into your search all individual keywords with AND between them. Please see the section about AND, OR, NOT & Brackets listed above for more detail on this.

Filtering and Sorting

When you are viewing your results, you may filter by structured metadata. This allows you to narrow down results. Key notions incuding content type, clubs and language are available as filters, meaning you can apply these after your search for other terms.

You should not include these keywords in your initial search. For instance search for Gutman Foul then apply your filters to narrow down results for year, season and more.

Exact String Searching

If you are searching for player names, venues or any other multi-keyword notion, use double inverted commas around your keywords. When searching for Andrew Gutman the platform will show results with mentions of Andrew AND Gutman (which may return results where both Andrew Farrell and Andrew Gutman), you can search only for the results mentioning Andrew Gutman by searching "Andrew Gutman"

Boolean Operators - AND, OR, NOT & Brackets

You can use the keywords AND, OR, NOT and () Brackets to create complexe search queries. They achieve the following:

  • - AND will include both keywords or Exact strings directly before and after it anywhere in the metadata. For instance "Aaron Herrera" AND "Freddy Huarez" will return results where both players are mentioned within the medi'as information. N.B. Aaron AND Herrera will show results where any players named Aaron or Herrera are featured together.
  • - OR will include results where either keyword or exact string directly before and after it are featured. For instance "Training" OR "Arrival" will show all media where either word is present.
  • - NOT will include the keyword or exact string before it but exclude any results where the keyword or exact string after it is featured. For instance "Press Conference" NOT Postgame will return all Press Conference content which does not feature the word postgame.
  • - You may use Brackets ( and ) to feature multiple operators. This means you could specify for instance: "Aaron Herrera" AND (Training OR Arrival) to return results where either "Aaron Herrera" AND Training or "Aaron Herrera" AND Arrival feature in the metadata.